Nothing is more critical to your brand than a bio that explains why you love what you do. Lily is known for her bio writing, which she has refined over the better part of a decade. She loves doing a deep dive into her subject’s history, accomplishments, and careers, and presenting the information in an engaging, yet straight-to-the-point storyteller style. (Short and sweet will always be Lily’s style.) Succinct, quirky, and always tailored to the individual, her bios humanize and highlight her subject’s best qualities. Lily writes bios for all walks of life including corporation executives, 9-5 talents, artists, and entrepreneurs.


Listening is an art form. Using formal journalistic techniques and her own tried-and-tried methods, Lily has developed a skill for getting others to open up. This people whisperer has interviewed hundreds of subjects over the last decade from politicians to police officers. In each interview, she asks thought-provoking questions, tailored to each interview, to get her subjects to better understand themselves. Lily creates a safe, non-judgmental environment in which her subjects can better understand themselves, their professional paths, and why they do what they do.

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Known as The People Whisperer, Lily loves coaching others on how to tell their story and talk about their craft. Through one-on-one coaching, Lily teaches artists and entrepreneurs how to explain what they do— in a clear, succinct, and memorable manner. Lily coaches her clients, both in person and via Skype, on how to sell themselves in a polished, humble, and creative way.


Lily helps you craft the perfect resume and/or cover letter that will sell you to your dream job. She is passionate about helping others land the right role for them.