Lily is known for her thorough exploration of her subjects, diving deep into their history and accomplishments, and presenting them in a way that is engaging and celebratory. Her biographies and branding copy are time intensive, including a personal interview with each subject, and written in a unique style that highlights the individual or business.

With her deep understanding of personality and connections that range from Technology, Entrepreneurial, and Artistic communities — Lily helps business bridge the gap with authentic engagement, branding strategies, and community opportunities. By developing a unique brand voice that connects with consumers and audiences across a wide range of backgrounds, she’ll tap into exactly what sets you apart from the crowd.


Listening is an art form. Using journalistic interview techniques and her knack for getting people to open up, Lily helps others tap into their own stories to better understand themselves. With her thought-provoking questions and intuitive understanding of the human condition, she allows her subjects to talk through their concerns in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


Known as The People Whisperer, Lily understands how to conduct and present personalities in a way that appeals to audiences from all different backgrounds and across many generations. Through one-on-one interview coaching, dialogue, and her previous work conducting hundreds of interview with artists and entrepreneurs — she has the knowledge to help anyone stand out among their peers in a polished and individualistic way.