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Lily Clayton Hansen is a passionate, unconventional and thought-provoking speaker. She has no problem stirring the pot or raising the hairs on your arm. The open-book mentality of her interviews, marked by a remarkable ability to extract insight from her subjects, caught the attention of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and Vanderbilt University. Since discovering her influential text, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, the institutions have crafted year-long speaking and educational programs inspired by the passion project. Hansen is known as a people whisperer for her finely tuned listening skills and innate ability to get anyone to open up.

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  • August 15, 2016-May 15, 2017: Exhibition open to the public



“As I am not a famous person by any means, being interviewed can be a bit awkward for me. I’m not accustomed to it. I am a somewhat shy dude but being interviewed by Lily made me feel as if we were just having a normal conversation, it was comfortable and inviting to say the least. If all interview scenarios were like this, then I would be fine being interviewed everyday.” Nathan Brown, Visual Artist + Creative Director

“THANK YOU!!! I had way more fun than I thought I would. I hope you hear that a lot! You are great to talk to and an amazing listener. Makes the person want to keep talking and telling you stories.” Karen Little, owner of Josephine

“Being a part of the “Word of Mouth” book was already a fantastic experience. Adding  the “Sip it” conversations with Lily Hansen to the journey was special for sure. I really enjoyed the chat, and the audience’s interactions. The entire culture around this book and events are an honor to be a part of.”  Ian White of Safe House Tattoos, Sip It! Series Guest

“Lily Hansen has tremendous insight in identifying linchpins of cultural evolution, and a remarkable ability to open them up and find out what makes them tick.” John Walker of Music City Roots, Sip It! Series Guest

“I loved being part of the Lily feedback loop: she wrote a book about conversations and then we had a conversation about the book! Creativity and passion and collaboration are 3 essential elements to doing anything worthwhile and Lily’s series abounds with insights into the why and how of folks who dream it and do it!” Todd Mayo of Music City Roots, Sip It! Series Guest

“Sitting before Hansen in an intimate classroom of 10, I am impressed by how calm, cool and collected Lily Hansen is, but also how passionate she is about her work. Her words of success left our class feeling motivated and inspired.” That’s what one of my Reviewing the Arts students at Columbia College had to say about Ms. Hansen, to which I can only add that I was also greatly impressed by the openness and honesty with which she related to the students in conveying how important it is to follow through on your ideas for success. In Ms. Hansen’s case, that has meant following her muse in carving out her own unique career path. We were all equally taken with her book, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, which one student described as “the perfect motivator for the budding artistic entrepreneur.” Lloyd Sachs of Chicago’s Columbia University

“Lily Hansen isn’t simply familiar with the creative, artist life; she lives it through and through. As a writer and storyteller her work speaks to the artist’s impulse to explore, document, and reflect larger truths with their honed craft. As the curator and host of Word of Mouth Conversations, she is connecting dots that show artists, ARTrepreneurs, and communities a larger, more meaningful picture.” Stephanie Pruitt, Sip It! Series Guest[/vc_column_text]

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    Musician and Entrepreneur Kix Brooks at Sip It! with Lily

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    Ian White of Safe House Tattoos at Sip It! with Lily

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    Patrick Carney at the Vanderbilt exhibit curated and hosted by Lily