Clearly, one of the most fun things about writing a book is hosting a launch party! As I always joke, I get one event, on average, every three years so I try to thoroughly soak it up. It was a great honor to be back at Parnassus Books last Thursday night, along with my wonderful family, friends, interview subjects, and photographer Ron Manville. We began the night watching spoken word artist Seifer (otherwise known as Liza Kwaller) recite a custom piece about the art of conversation. Let me say, she quite literally, blew the roof off the house and I am sad to say we did not videotape it. (She killed it y’all and you’ll have to check her out another time.) Of course, I loved facilitating a live conversation (my fave) and listening to the wisdom of my wonderful subjects: event coordinator, Nashville champion, and philanthropist Sunny Spyridon, stylist and architectural photographer Alyssa Rosenheck, and chef Kahlil Arnold of meat ‘n’ three, and local institution, Arnold’s Country Kitchen.  (Kahlil kindly stuffed the faces of my family the following day!) Together, we chatted about their storied career paths and the many lessons they’ve learned along the way—a conversation, which indeed felt like one between three friends, which is the hallmark of my brand. They say no one reads anymore so it was amazing to stand in one of the best bookstores in the country in front of a room full of people who I have interviewed over the years and think, dang am I lucky. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated. I hope you had a Olive & Sinclair chocolate and Cathead Distillery vodka hangover the next day like I did!


All images by Ron Manville

Special shout out to Jamie Bibler of Bon Vivant and the entire staff of Parnassus for helping to put on such a beautiful, heart-filled event!


Lily C Hansen


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