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Recently, I had a great time writing a bio for REALTOR® Annette Stithem. I always love learning about new industries and was delighted to find that Annette’s process for finding clients a new home wasn’t all that different than my own way of getting to the bottom of someone’s story. By spending quality time with her clients and thoroughly getting to know them as people she figures out and finds the right living sitch for them. It’s always an honor to connect with people who care about what they do on a heart level and wrap that up into a story they can use on their website, socials, and one-sheet. Read her story below!

Broker, REALTOR®, and New Beginnings Nashville owner Annette Stithem believes the right home and happiness go hand-in-hand. The caregiver and matchmaker is motivated to help her clients be successful by helping them find the perfect place to live. Bringing relationships beyond business territory is how she pairs clients with the perfect setting for their current needs. On closing day, Stithem wants them to smile and breathe a sigh of relief, whether it is because they finally have a large patio or lots of natural lighting. “The goal is for clients to say, ‘This is my ideal home,” she says.

Long before Stithem established herself as an agent with an eye for detail and empathy in spades, she was responsible for a 13-child family in Kansas City, Kansas. As the oldest girl in her family, Stithem learned early on how to take control of any situation and assess how she could best help. She first fell in love with sharing in-depth information about properties while working for a golf and real estate development in the late 90s. After seeing a project transition from dirt to a fully realized business she decided to make the leap into residential real estate. As someone who makes friends easily and enjoys learning about people’s likes, dislikes, and the why’s behind them, the field was a fit. At a showing or in the car, Stithem’s excitement still comes from listening to clients talk about all aspects of their lives. From the snacks they like to their preferred weekend activities, no detail is too big or small to help her in the home selection process. After she completes her hyper-customized inquiry process, honed during a former career in HR, Stithem uses her analytical nature to refine the best buying options for her clients. The agent gets her intellectual stimulation from researching both people and the neighborhoods they aspire to live in. She, who is constantly making calls and saving newspaper articles, will go the extra mile to learn about both. This detective process is how Stithem discovers properties that cannot be found in a Google search.

Stithem also believes in making the process as stress-free, streamlined, and fun as can be, which is why she will only present clients with the appropriate amount of information—rather than overwhelm them. As someone who has a story or form for any situation, Stithem keeps clients organized as they navigate the selling or buying timeline. They can rest assured that the notetaker, checklist ticker, and calendar color-coder will keep them on track with her systems. Stithem also has a sixth sense for anticipating what others need well before they even do. As testament clients frequently comment on her uncanny ability for predicting what will help them by saying, “I was just about to ask you that!” She wants them to feel comfortable asking for anything, from a booklet on the buying process to an introduction to an estate agent, so they feel confident and calm throughout.

Stithem’s personal touch extends long beyond finding clients the right set of walls. As a people person who picks up the phone for regular check-ins and sends out mailers, she is known for creating bonds that go back several decades. Staying in touch is easy for Stithem who is invested in other’s success long after the formalities are over. Her hope is to boost mental health by pairing clients with their dream environment and set them up for all that they want to achieve in life after the dotted line is signed. She hopes they know that she’ll always be there if they ever need a vote of confidence or pat on the back.  “I truly believe if someone is happy with where they live, they’ll be happy with life in general, which is why I am willing to do everything I can to find them that perfect home,” she says.

Learn more about Annette’s real estate company, Sold by Annette here

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