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A few months ago, my friend, fellow entrepreneur, and forthcoming author, Marcus Whitney, asked if I would be on his podcast. I was honored considering the likes of the other folks he’s had on including loads of other interesting entrepreneurs. With a few topics in mind to kickstart the conversation, Marcus, who is a terrific listener, and very easy to talk to, let things flow from there. It was fun to learn a lot more about my friend, including his love for famed chef Anthony Bourdain, whose superpower we agreed was in his unabashed honesty, and also share with him why I think people open up in my interviews: I tend to be pretty shock proof (as in if I haven’t done it, I’ve thought about it) and just go with the flow in terms of taking whatever people give me and running with it. (I just interviewed 200-engineers who all admitted that talking about feeling wasn’t their strong suit, which taught me how to meet them in the middle so they felt safe.) When most people’s attention spans are fragmented by technology it was refreshing to be reminded that there are those, like Marcus, who still appreciate and seek out great, lengthy conversations.

Lily Clayton Hansen

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