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Hi everybody! I hope you are having a great and safe weekend so far. I am excited to announce that I wrote the cover story for the Nashville Edit’s winter issue featuring Miss Karen Elson, a famed supermodel, musician, and author. Karen’s wonderful book The Red Flame, came out last month to much praise.

The book is about Karen’s journey from her humble English roots to becoming one of the most famous, chameleon-like muses in the world. In our interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed, we discussed what it was like to revisit painful memories, put trauma into words, and how she wants to use her experiences to empower other women. Karen also listed her favorite places to hang in Nashville as she loves this city and its people! It is the perfect article to inspire anyone, really, who wants to use the past to move forward.

Here is a link to the full magazine where you can read the article on page 64. I am thankful to the Nashville Edit team and founder Stacie Standifer, who I have worked with for almost nine years for putting this together during a very stressful time. Everyone banded together, kept the faith, and cheered each other on. It turned out to be the best issue yet!

Lily Clayton Hansen

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