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I am getting excited to teach a workshop on communication and host a live interview at The University School of Nashville on January 23! Lecturing about the importance of face-to-face connection, active listening, question-asking, and simply being present has become one of my greatest passions. In a world where I too frequently hear that conversation is dead, I aim to affirm that we do still care about learning from one another’s stories. If you are open to hearing what others have to say, words of wisdom (in my experience at least) will always come your way.
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Class Description:
“Storyteller of the South” and people-whisperer LILY CLAYTON HANSEN, author of the popular coffee table book Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, will teach a class that is both live demo and practical skills lesson. Lily will host a live interview with three subjects of her choice during this unique evening class. Similar to her live interview series blog “Role Models,” this class will feature three members from the Nashville community who are currently contributing and pushing boundaries. Lily will drive a conversation in which each of the subjects will go into depth about their chosen professions, why they are so passionate about what they do, the ups and downs of their current career paths, and any lessons they have learned along the way. In addition to the engaging demonstration, Lily will discuss with her students important interviewing skills such as how to actively listen, ask questions that will elicit the answers you want, and show someone that you are truly paying attention. Contrary to the belief these days that conversation is dead, Lily is dedicated to proving that we do still want to learn about one another whether through networking, formal interviews or daily dialogue. As students of this fun and informative class will find out, everything Lily has learned thus far in her career has been over a cup of coffee.

Lily Clayton Hansen

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