Happy Sunday and hope you are super! I absolutely love hosting live interviews, which is why I’m way excited to announce that my next one will be this Thursday, August 23 at 12PM, at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Chef Matt Bolus, a subject in my second book Word of Mouth: More Conversations, will be my guest. Bolus spearheads the James Beard-nominated 404 Kitchen located in Nashville’s trendy Gulch area. I’ve been lucky enough to work for and befriend Matt, which means I’ve gleaned more of his wisdom than most. He is a smart, solid, brave, and business savvy individual whose career leap from finance to culinary I admire very much.

“One of my secrets when I’m not feeling so inspired is quieting my brain down. The best medicine is spending a day off not thinking. You wake up feeling so much better.” —Matt Bolus

Come hear more of Matt’s wisdom this Thursday at the Gordon JCC, whose values are right up my alley. This is a center that welcomes all, builds community, and provides a place to work, play, and learn.

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Lily C Hansen


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