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Social media is current, succinct and the catalyst for a debate or discussion. A coffee date with Tabitha Tune is much the same.

When she was young, Tune’s report cards stated that she talked too much. By launching her company A La Mode Media in 2009, whose specialties are digital marketing, consulting, coaching, and website design, the sprightly entrepreneur turned this liability into an asset. She saw social media as the solution for small businesses. Tune desired to help them flourish by facilitating an open-ended rapport between customer and proprietor.

Quirky and witty, Tune is someone you want to tell your secrets to. The connector’s passions lie in communication, technology and information. “As a kid, I quickly progressed from pen palling to emailing,” she explains. “Maybe I’m just a busybody, but I enjoy getting in on discussions and learning about new apps, entertainment and trends.” Ambiance, energy and customer service set the tone, and Tune strategically tailors each company’s account to its respective industry and individual needs.

Originally the native Singaporean relocated to the U.S. with aspirations of working on the television show “Friends.” She earned a degree in Communications and Media Studies from Boston’s Emerson College. After she and her husband moved to Music City in 2002 she accepted a marketing director position at indie rock radio station Lightening 100. Four years later she left to dabble in blogging, yoga instruction, and event planning. It wasn’t until Twitter first launched in 2006 that her dream career clicked into place.

Clients like restaurateur and Top Chef alum Arnold Myint took note of Tune’s talent for 140-character storytelling and hired her to invent an original, online presence to stand out in a sea of hashtags and newsfeeds. She learning by doing what came naturally to her.

Most of all, Tune loves new beginnings and watching mom and pop shops grow from the ground up. Her greatest thrill comes from witnessing the concept of an idea become a company’s first dollar bill. To her, the human connection is most important whether it’s with clients, customers or new followers. “It’s always someone’s first day somewhere,” Tune says, “and I love being apart of that.”

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