We read about genes all of the time but it’s rare that someone understands the language of science. Author, podcaster, and science communicator Kat Arney breaks down the logistics of her lexicon in a format that the common folk can understand. She is the sexy version of Bill Nye the Science Guy. As someone who always felt mildly stupid in chemistry, biology, and physics class (who understands that stuff, anyways?!) I am grateful for her down-to-earth breakdown of a very complicated vernacular. 

How do you explain science in a way that everyone can understand? 

KA: “I never assume anyone’s level of knowledge but rather their interest. I see myself as translator for people that are keen to learn more. In the same way, some scientists would see what I do as dumbing our language down, which I can’t stand. If you were in another country, are you stupid because you don’t speak the language? No! If you are trying to do a complicated legal transaction, you need a qualified attorney. You just don’t have the training. I wish scientists would get off their high horses and try to explain the principles of our field rather than say, “I can’t believe you don’t know about how DNA is formed?”

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By Author Lily Clayton Hansen from the forthcoming book, Word of Mouth: London Conversations.


Lily C Hansen


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