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Hello! I thank you for reading this personal narrative about the personal hell I have been going through. Please consider checking out my Go Fund Me crowd fundraiser and contributing if you can. Honestly, even a few bucks can help at this point in time.

In October 2021, I self-diagnosed myself with a condition called endometriosis. I will not bore you with the details but will tell you this condition is as painful as it gets. I cannot sit down for long periods of time. I have constant pain in my pelvic area. Plus, I have trouble sleeping and focusing because it feels like knives are stabbing me at all times. It beyond sucks. It has been a nightmare.

On top of that, I could not find proper medical care in the United States. Every medical company either wanted to give me three surgeries to profit off of my illness. This would have put me out of commission for several months which, as a freelancer, would have meant I would be homeless.

Or, they gaslighted and told me that my symptoms were “in my head” or “not that bad.” Those doctors I will never forgive, and are the first people I am sending this newsletter to. They deserve to have their licenses revoked.

Lastly, endometriosis is a condition that cannot be seen and so in order to get the laser surgery that it takes to literally view the tissue that is destroying your body you need to jump through hoops. My insurance wouldn’t cover this. (Thanks a lot Bright Health. I am talking to you.) I couldn’t wait any longer for the doctors in Nashville who were booked up for months and months. I also didn’t trust their care. They don’t listen. They wrote down the wrong information. I had to repeat myself over and over. Even the best doctors failed me. So I came back to London.

Here I have the opportunity to get the best care but my insurance won’t pay for it and my credit card company —even though I had a perfect score until recently — won’t raise my limit. (Screw you Bank of America. I was as loyal as it gets customer and now I will be switching banks as soon as possible. That’s how fast you lost me with your lack of empathy and compassion.) I also have lost an exorbitant amount of money from visiting doctors, traveling to see physicians in different states, going to the ER, being on pain pills that made it impossible for me to work, and the severe emotional trauma of this experience. I would say that I have PTSD. Most days I cry a lot.

Please consider donating to my fund. Think of your grandmother, mother, girlfriend, sister, or wife. This is about helping me and also making a statement about how women are treated in the States: shitty.

With the utmost gratitude, Lily C Hansen — People Whisperer

Link to Go Fund Me crowd fundraiser here

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Lily Clayton Hansen

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