Kate Dean is reverend at the Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel located in Hampstead, London. I interviewed Dean for my forthcoming book, Word of Mouth: London Conversations about her fascinating journey from product designer to spiritual leader. Here is an excerpt from our interview:

In terms of Brexit, how do you suppose your chapel rebels against the idea of nationalism and fear of the “other?”

KD: I want our chapel to serve as a place where people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions can congregate. Now, more than ever, we need to champion liberal-minded values which embody working together and trying to understand one another. As demonstrated by the hate crimes and bullying post-Brexit, there are still deep-seated views of prejudice hiding underneath the surface. It’s why I’ve been trying to reach out to people of all walks of life and connect with other community groups to be better prepared for incidents in the future. Our real power comes from standing together.

Portrait and interview by author Lily Clayton Hansen


Lily C Hansen


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