After interviewing Sophia Hilsley, Director at the Courtyard Garden Psychotherapy and Counseling practice, I could understand why many people tend to fall in love with their therapists. The psychodynamic psychotherapist (try saying that ten times fast) gives you massive amounts of attention and validation in terms of your feelings, which the world doesn’t exactly encourage us to openly express. Her intense focus makes you see things inside of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Humans aren’t created with templates so Sophia approaches each session with a different therapeutic model. Her psychotherapist style is one that revolves around recognizing the uniqueness of the human spirit. 

My favorite thing about my job is that I get to meet interesting people everyday. 

SH: Similarly, that energy keeps me going as well and is contagious. I feel privileged and honored to be able to witness people’s life stories. I’ve learned an awful lot about different types of human beings, religions, ages, sexualities, cultures and ways of living. My mind has been opened more than I ever thought it could be. While you can read about anything, you can never really understand it until you are talking to someone who lives that way of being.  When you are exposed to so much newness and learning, you feel incredibly alive.

Do you think we are impacted, as a whole, by all of the craziness that is going on in our world?

SH: Yes. With Brexit, Trump, and all the difficult things happening across the worlds stage, it can all feel quite overwhelming. I would find myself getting panicked from accessing the news so often via my phone and became aware that I was almost searching for something bad to happen. The immediacy of social media means that things can feel worse than ever before. It is useful to consider the question, “Is it your stress or someone’s else?” You need time to figure that out because it can all become blended together.

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This conversation is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, Word of Mouth: London Conversations


Lily C Hansen


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