Word Of Mouth by Lily C. Hansen

Although the true stars of this book are my subjects I am the vessel through which they tell their stories. My desire was to capture my subjects as their most genuine selves and impress upon my readers that life is too long to not do what you want.

Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, the brain child of Nashville writer Lily C. Hansen, is a softcover coffee table book of interviews and portrait photography.

It is a series of interviews with prolific Nashvillians in the art, culinary and music industries. The “Wild card” section encompasses individuals who eclipse any of those categories.

I am interested in those who are driven, passionate, and have created something innovative. The title refers to the organic and tried-and-true method through which my subjects have attracted their fan-base and support network. It is a testament to Nashville’s incredible mixture of artistic talent and zest for collaboration, rather than competitiveness. To emphasize the artistic community’s nonexistent hierarchy, up-and-coming talent is placed alongside illustrious, internationally-recognized artists.

Excerpted from my upcoming book are anecdotes, quotes and particles of wisdom. They are shared by those pursuing their dreams or who have already obtained commercial fruition. It is the stories I wish had existed while debating whether or not to follow my heart and become a writer.

Portrait photographers Andrea Behrends, Danielle Atkins, Joshua Black Wilkins and Brett Warren captured each subject in their native environment whether it was their home, office or studio. Each portrait was created using digital, 35mm and Polaroid black & white film.