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Hi! My name is Lily Hansen and I am a four-time author, biographer, and arts and entertainment journalist. I’m excited to meet you and thankful that you took the time to stop by my website. Word of Mouth Conversations is the name of my book series, which has a best-seller called Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations. My specialty is biographies of which I have written well over 2,000 for celebrities, corporations, and real people. I love what I do and am very excited to tell you a bit about my process which I have honed over the last 15 years. My passion is people and I enjoy listening to their stories, thinking about what is most important to them, and wrapping it into words. My hope is that my biographies help people get the best job possible, feel great about themselves, and educate the public about their best qualities. If you are interested in learning more about my interview process please watch my TED Talk “Talking to Strangers is My Self Care.”

I would love to tell you a bit about my background just so you know that I am a trusted, experienced, and veteran biographer who cares deeply about her subjects. I started off my writing career working at a Kid’s Magazine, which is fitting because I love children and consider myself to be a big kid even in my thirties. From there, I got into music journalism which taught me how to write quickly and tell the truth because you always have an impending deadline. At age 25, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where I started writing my first book in order to find myself and my writing voice which I felt I had lost. I explain that elaborate, sometimes painful story in my TED Talk “Talking to Strangers is My Self Care.”

I am so proud to have since written three full-length books, one e-book, hundreds of articles for local, national, and international publications, and well over 1,000 biographies. My clients have ranged from celebrities, like Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, Mike Wolfe of American Pickers, and Kelly Osbourne (my first interview ever!,) to corporations like HCA Healthcare (the biggest healthcare company in America for whom I wrote a 50th anniversary book that was sent out to hundreds of thousands of people) and Alliance Bernstein, and real people who have extraordinary skills and background. The testimonials on my website vary from people like supermodel Karen Elson to nonprofit leaders because I treat all of my subjects the same: with dignity, respect, and a complete and total interest in their work. I find everyone I interview and write about just as interesting as the last one because, as I mentioned in my TED Talk, I have never met the same person twice. My curiosity about people is insatiable.

As far as my bio writing goes, I stand by my tried-and-true interview process. Since I became a music journalist at age 21, I have always been known for my conversational interviewing style. While I do a lot of preparation, my clients consider me to be a great listener and very easy to talk to. I ask a lot of thoughtful questions during my interviews, respectfully, because that is how I pull the best information out of my subjects. From there, I take the interviews, which will always remain under lock and key as I have the utmost respect for my subjects, and write a personalized, custom bio for them. The bio highlights their individual narrative, the gifts the subject brings to the world, and their best possible qualities to help them get the right job or audience. It has been said countless times that I got my subjects better than they knew themselves because I am intuitive and really listen. In addition, my bios have helped my clients obtain the right jobs for them, build their audience, and achieve the confidence they deserve.

If you want to hire me to write your bio, I would love to talk. Please contact me to learn more about my process and set up our initial meeting. With immense gratitude for your interest, Lily Hansen

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