Custom coffee table books for corporations and organizations are the brainchild of four-time author Lily Clayton Hansen. Each book pairs Hansen’s signature long-form Q&A interviews with beautiful portrait photography by one of the amazing artists on her team. Hansen’s custom books are often used to commemorate special occasions and are intended to capture untold stories within the company. Her writing has been said to humanize large organizations by telling its history through the eyes of its employees. Hansen, who has interviewed well over a thousand people in her career, gives equal time and merit to each interview subject. Whether she’s engaging with the founder of the company or the janitor, each subject receives the same attention and consideration to prove their worthiness within the organization. In essence, the books showcase a company’s culture and values and proves that every person contributes something to make the organization special.

This chic, custom coffee table book is yours to own. Plus, we give you enough content to post on your social media channels for a year.

Your book can be used for the following purposes:
To commemorate a special occasion or anniversary
To recruit and retain employees + prospective investors
To educate internally and externally about company values and culture

50 Voices of HCA Healthcare creates unity amongst different departments, teams, and people at our 250,000-person organization.” – Dr. Jon Perlin, President of Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer at HCA Healthcare

“Our goal at Gresham Smith was to humanize our people and learn more about their personalities and you were a part of that process.” – Chantrell Williams, Marketing Executive at Gresham Smith 

“A huge thank you to Lily who worked so seamlessly with the advisors throughout this process and brought their words to life.” Alexandria Faith, Project Manager