In a digital era, there is nothing more timeless—or memorable—than a coffee table book to represent the culture of your city or company.

Word of Mouth Conversations Publishing is now producing custom coffee table books for cities, corporations, and companies. These books, which feature elegant black and white portrait photography and in-depth Q&A interviews, illustrate the story behind your city or company. Author Lily Clayton Hansen’s conversations articulate what makes a city or organization so special—extraordinary, everyday people.  When laid out in a sophisticated, streamlined spread, each profile captures the subject’s personal narrative, pride for their city or company, and how they have been able to make a living doing what they love there. The books humanize, highlight, and expose the heartbeat of cities and companies. 

Your book can be used for the following purposes:

Corporate gifts
To educate or welcome new residents or employees
To commemorate a special occasion or anniversary
Recruit and retain employees or residents
Promote values and culture internally and externally

My team and I also supply our clients with a year’s worth of social media, blog, and newsletter content.