Word of Mouth: Chicago Conversations— Marquis Simmons, Director In terms of stature, 6'3" Emmy-award-winning director and former football player Marquis Simmons might be intimidating. However, once you get past his burly figure and the fact that Simmons has won an insane amount of film festival awards (150+) the... Continue Reading My Second Short Film "You First" is Premiering at the Longleaf Film Festival Last week I received an email that made my heart jump for joy. "You First," the second short film that I co-wrote, starred in, and produced had been announced as an official selection by Longleaf Film Festival in Raleigh, North... Continue Reading Screening of My New Short Film "Snowflake" in London Hi all! After a rough couple of months, I have some exciting news. Before leaving London, where I have been living temporarily since June, I am screening my latest short film "Snowflake" at Close-Up Film Centre tomorrow evening. I stumbled across... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Phil Jellen, Fishing Guide Phil Jellen believes we only have one life to live and it should be spent pursuing what we love. For him, that is catching trout and teaching others how to do it. Whenever Jellen isn’t fishing he is thinking about... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Andie Morgenlander, Ethical Filmmaker Andie Morgenlander is the co-founder of  Justice Film Collective, a production company that makes movies in an ethical manner and gives voice to those who have been systematically oppressed. After going through her own coming out process, and hearing firsthand... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Morgan Albritton, Morgan's Comics Morgan Albritton, the owner of Morgan’s Comics in West Asheville, is honored to be a keeper of stories. While growing up in Gainesville, Florida, a city associated with alligators, oppressive heat, and gigantic mosquitos, Albritton found an escape in comic... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Brian Wall, Abstract Artist Humans are naturally attracted to uncovering what is hidden, however so infrequently do they have the opportunity to play detective. In Brian Wall’s psychedelic, dreamy worlds one is compelled to seek out something new every time. “Some long-time collectors, a... Continue Reading Sketchbook of an Artist: George Hansen and the Craftsmanship of Cartooning ... Continue Reading

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