Style Blueprint: 42 Positive Moments from 2020

Lily shares with Style Blueprint moments from her 2020 that made it the “best year of her life.” Read more here

Bold Journey: Meet Lily Hansen

Lily goes into depth about her past and career choices and talks about some new projects she’s working on. Read more here

Chelsea Austin: Podcast Episode "What We Stand to Gain from Every Interaction with Guest Lily Clayton Hansen"

Lily is featured on episode eight of Chelsea Austin’s podcast where she dives into the value of interacting with others in our day to day lives. Listen here. 

Rising Stars: Meet Lily Hansen

Lily is featured in Rising Stars and tells the story on how she became an author and why writing is her passion. Read her interview here. 

Canvas Rebel Interview

Lily opens up in an interview with Canvas Revel, sharing insights and stories about her creative works and the development process behind them. Read her interview here.

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StyleBlueprint Interview

Lily is featured as StyleBlueprint’s newest FACE, which features women making a difference in Nashville. Read the interview where Lily discusses why talking to strangers is her self-care here.

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Her Story Of Success Podcast

Lily sits down with Her Story of Success Podcast to discuss “Redefining Hustle”, her brand, and how she got where she is today! Listen here.

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The Nashville Edit – What’s On These Local Author’s Summer Reading Lists

The Nashville Edit sat down with Lily to find some of her favorite summer reads. Check out the full article here.

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Native – Carless In Nashville

Upon her move to Nashville, author Lily Clayton Hansen wrote an article for Native Magazine about living in her new city, and what it’s like to be “Carless in Nashville”. Read the full article here.

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Illustrator Ella Paton Thinks We Should Ditch Expectations and Show Our Mistakes

Author Lily Clayton Hansen’s London Conversations series is featured in Design Observer.  Read the first interview of the series with illustrator Ella Paton here.

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New In Nashville Podcast

New In Nashville sits down with Lily to discuss her move from Chicago to Nashville, her newest books, & more! Check it out here.

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Design Observer

AIGA’s Design Observer Lily Clayton-Hansen’s  features articles from Lily’s second book, Word Of Mouth: More Conversations. Check out the articles here!

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Parade: Meet The Coolest People In Music City

Parade features subjects from Lily Clayton-Hansen’s newest book, Word Of Mouth: More Conversations. Check out the article and the gallery here!

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Millennial Money Podcast

Lily Clayton-Hansen drops by the Millennial Money Podcast again to talk conversation with Host Shannah Game and  preview her newest book, “Word Of Mouth, More Conversations”. Listen to the episode here!

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Talk Of The Town

Lily Clayton-Hansen stops by Talk Of The Town to discuss her newest book “Word Of Mouth, More Conversations” and gives a sneak-peek at some of the subjects she features. Check out the clip here!

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Today In Nashville

For the release of her second book “Word Of Mouth, More Conversations”, Lily Clayton-Hansen appears on Today In Nashville to discuss how she’s built her brand and what makes this book different from her first.  Check out the feature here!

People Magazine Word of Mouth
©AlyssaRosenheck for Decorist and People Magazine

People Magazine

Journalist Lily Clayton-Hansen’s first book “Word of Mouth, Nashville Conversations” is featured in photographer Alyssa Rosenheck‘s People Magazine shoot with the Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe and Decorist.  Check out the feature here!

Millenial Money Podcast
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Millenial Money Podcast

Journalist Lily Clayton-Hansen captures people’s lives through storytelling and photography, with soul-revealing depth and artistic charm in her book, “Word of Mouth, Nashville Conversations.” Talking with some of Nashville’s coolest artists, chefs, musicians, and dreamers.

Through her journey as a journalist, she’s found her calling and unleashed her genius in more ways than one. I first discovered her really awesome black and white book on a trip to Nashville a couple years ago, and really loved the concept and loved Lily’s story as well. Listen to the podcast here.

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Local Feature

The book has turned into a whole career for her as she now has a weekly blog ( where she posts a new interview with a different person every Monday. She also interviews someone every month at the Entrepreneur Center in Nashville so that a live audience has the chance to experience the learning venture of listening to someone’s life stories. — Cale Schmidt

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At the heart of everything I do, it’s all about collaboration and support. To have people there that not only cheer you on but also lift you up is helpful and so important.The blog started because someone told me one day, ‘You need a blog.’ I said no I don’t. I’m a writer and not a blogger. But they were a lot more successful than me, so I listened and, in fact, they were right.  — Lily Hansen

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Fort Lauderdale Feature

What does it take to be a successful artist? Passion, determination and a business plan, author Lily Clayton Hansen told a gathering of artists, arts-based business owners and creative entrepreneurs recently at the closing forum of the Broward Cultural Division’s “DBA Doing business as…,” an artist entrepreneur art exhibition at artserve in Fort Lauderdale. — David Schwartz

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The Tennessean “Sip It” Feature

Three years ago artist, writer, and Chicago Native Lily Hansen followed her ex-boyfriend to Nashville on a turbulent journey that eventually led to her becoming a published author. “My beginnings here were pretty brutal,” said Hansen, 25. “The relationship I was in fell apart, I didn’t have friends. I had no money. I was in a crappy living situation. I quite frankly need a project to dive into to keep my sanity.” —David Plaza

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Nashville Lifestyle Feature

Nashville writer (and contributor to Nashville Lifestyles) Lily C. Hansen got to know her neighbors in a personal way—by writing a book about them. Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations (Spring House Press) is out this month and explores the lives of accomplished Nashvillians and how their passions helped them “make it.” —Aryn Van Dyke

12th & Broad Cover Story

At our Oct. 23 “Punctuate: Innovate You” event, author Lily Hansen will go into depth with the tips she’s shared here. She’ll also conduct a live interview to demonstrate in real time how this can work for you, whether it’s in your professional, personal or family life. —Lily Clayton Hansen

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StyleBlueprint: Southern Festival Of Books Feature

Southern writer Lily Clayton Hansen is an artist in all senses of the word. —Anna Marchetti

Read the full profile here.

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Griffin Review of Word Of Mouth: Nashville Conversations

As a snapshot of the creators, thinkers, artists and advocates who are at the heart of Nashville’s current creative renaissance, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations is what happens when geography, proximity and creativity come together in one place. Read the full review here.

Eyes & Ears Feature

Author Lily Hansen has always taken a passionate and rebellious approach to the arts. At the University of Illinois Chicago, Hansen recalls storming into a school newspaper meeting and asking to become the art critic to fill the creative void.  Ever since, Hansen has devoted her career to telling stories and becoming the storyteller of the South.  Hansen credits this position with helping her develop a sense of autonomy and dedication to writing about the things that she found intriguing.

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The Stroll Feature

Of all the American cities finding a renewed creative spark in the past decade, perhaps none has done so with such a distinct vision as Nashville, Tennessee. A city that has long been known for its music, this legacy today forms the foundation for a host of other creative scenes. In her new book, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, Lily Clayton Hansen–herself a recent transplant to the city, drawn by the creative energy there–speaks with some of the residents that make Nashville so dynamic and irresistible.

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Experience Nashville Feature

Local author, Lily Hansen, put together a fabulous book which captures the drive, passion, and innovation of Nashvillians who have thrived in – and helped drive the art, culinary, business, and music industries that have bolstered Nashville’s boom. Read the full article here.

Arts & Business Council Artist Spotlight

“When you’re real, people are so receptive to that.” Lily Clayton Hansen embodies this idea in the way she presents herself and in how she approached her new book, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations. She is truly, refreshingly and unabashedly real. When you meet her, you are struck by her intense passion for her work and her incredible kindness. The Chicago native describes herself as a party girl who is “rough around the edges,” but it is clear that this attitude is what drives her to be successful and to share her passion with the world.

News Channel 5: Talk Of The Town Feature

The Bitter Southerner Feature

“Word of Mouth” is a soft-cover, coffee-table book of interviews and portrait photography with prolific Nashvillians in the art, culinary and music industries. The “Wild Card” section encompasses individuals who eclipse any of those categories. It is a testament to Nashville’s incredible mixture of artistic talent and zest for collaboration, rather than competitiveness. Highly recommended and inspiring.

The Nashville Weekender Feature

Lily C. Hansen popped up behind me at Pinewood Social with swaths of hair shading her face, penetrating gray eyes, and a sweet, but knowing, smile. She wore the Metallica t-shirt she wants to be photographed in for a future Entrepreneur magazine cover shoot (one of her many goals). First thing to know about Lily: She inhabits Lilyland. It’s is a place where dreaming and visualization are key, but in the end: shit gets done. So, she led me down the garden path, from childhood in Chicago to her Nashville move to now. Interview

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Nashville Arts Magazine

Lily’s first book, Word Of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, was featured in Nashville Arts Magazine in June of 2014. Images by Brett Warren.

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