Lily Clayton Hansen has been acting and studying the craft since childhood. Growing up, she studied at Theater on the Lake in Chicago, Illinois, every summer under the instruction of teachers like the founders of The Blue Man Group. After a successful writing and interviewing career, Lily transitioned back into acting in 2016 primarily focusing on film, television, music videos, and commercials. In 2019, she studied at one of the top three acting schools in the United Kingdom, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, based in London. She currently studies on a weekly basis with award-winning actor, acting coach, and director Jake Harders, who is also on staff at Central. Harders’ area of expertise is in acting through the body and screen acting.  Hansen also studied with actor and coach Corinne Bupp for three years, whose specialty is theatre, and actor and coach Brandon Gibson who specializes in acting for the camera.

Acting is a natural fit for Hansen, as she knows more about people than most having interviewed well over a thousand subjects, which she talks about in her 2019 TED-x Nashville Talk “Talking to Strangers is my Self Care.” She brings her great capacity for empathy, active listening skills, and vivid imagination to every role.

“I have taught Lily for two years. She combines a piercing intellect with an extraordinary level of emotional openness to create characters that are real, moving, and timeless. Her sense of empathy enables her to make an immediate connection with the audience and colleagues. Now is the time for her to get the acting exposure she deserves. —Jake Harders, Coach, Teacher of Acting at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, United Kingdom