Throughout her career, Lily Clayton Hansen has written hundreds of biographies for global corporations. Having started biographical writing for the arts and entertainment industry, Lily found her skills transitioned naturally to the corporate world. Over the years, she has landed major writing projects with organizations such as HCA Healthcare, (for whom she wrote and published a 50th anniversary book),  architecture and engineering firm Gresham Smith, and investment-management firm AllianceBernstein. She is oftentimes hired to write about hundreds of people, many of whom hold a similar position, and find that secret sauce that makes each person unique. Lily uses her gift for active listening, question-asking and insatiable curiosity to pull the best possible information out of her subjects and wrap it into a creative, cohesive and succinct biography. Her work has been said to humanize large organizations and corporations by highlighting what makes them tick: the amazing people who uphold the culture and value systems everyday.

With remote work growing in popularity, the perfect biography gives clients a sense of who they’re working with and can even make employees who have never met face-to-face feel a little more connected. Lily can write biographies for anyone from your sales team to your board of directors. She can create the perfect biography to make any format feel fresh – be it for your website, marketing materials, or resumes.

Lily has worked with the following organizations:

50 Voices of HCA Healthcare creates unity amongst different departments, teams, and people at our 250,000-person organization.” – Dr. Jon Perlin, President of Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer at HCA Healthcare

“Our goal at Gresham Smith was to humanize our people and learn more about their personalities and you were a part of that process.” – Chantrell Williams, Marketing Executive at Gresham Smith 

“A huge thank you to Lily who worked so seamlessly with the advisors throughout this process and brought their words to life.” Alexandria Faith, Project Manager


There is nothing more critical to a brand than a biography that outlines why you do what you do and how you are better at it than anyone else! Over the last decade, Lily Clayton Hansen has written hundreds of biographies for individuals from all walks of life – from corporate executives to celebrities. Whether they’re 250 words for LinkedIn or 1,000 for your website, a brand new biography can revitalize your career.  Lily does a deep dive into each subject’s career history, accomplishments, and unique offerings to their chosen field. She is known for presenting other’s stories in a short-and-sweet style that humanizes and highlights their best selves.


Ghostwriting is a speciality of writer Lily Clayton Hansen. She has worked with celebrities, artists, small business owners, and CEOs to tell their story in both novella and full length books. 
Hansen, who is known for her expert interviewing skills, uses her tried and true process to extract the right information from her subjects. It has been said that her process is both therapeutic and creative. She captures the person as they are – but even better. 
If you are interested in her Ghostwriting services please reach out about a custom quote.