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Last night was one of the best nights I have had all year. (A tough year to be very truthful! However, hanging in there because of positive thinking and a wonderful circle around me. Nothing beats great friends!)

It was an honor to host my very first test screening for “Snowflake,” my award-winning short film, on a fantastic platform called Entertainmint. Entertainmint is owned by Genevieve Thiers, the founder of Sittercity which is a beloved app that provides parents with credible babysitters in their neighborhood. She kindly hosted our virtual screening to test out her new software. While intimate, it was a hit and the audience enjoyed every minute of the film as well as the Q&A. I will be having another test screening in February and if you want to come, please let me know so I can send you a personalized invitation.

I wrote this film, which was directed by the terrific young talent Carter Bowden whom I met while he was still an undergrad at Belmont University, and am so proud to say it has since won many awards including “Best Performance” by yours truly. The film continues to run at festivals worldwide.

Our film debuted in London last October to a sold-out audience at the gorgeous Close Up Film Centre in Shoreditch, a neighborhood that has historically been a haven for artists. The British, in particular, loved our film because of the cheeky humor, sharp-as-a-razor commentary on the toxicity of social media, and the socially conscious bent to our campaign in the respect that Carter and I have partnered with nonprofit organizations that educate young people on the dangers of social media. To be accepted by the people of the United Kingdom, a country that is in my heart all day every day, was a feeling I find hard to describe. I floated home on a cloud.

Today, I ask you to please consider voting for “Snowflake” on the fabulous platform KINO which is all about democratizing the craft of filmmaking and putting the money back in artists’ pockets. We deserve it and I can promise you, will make good use of it.

Carter and I made this movie for $500 and could do so much more in terms of making a full-length feature of “Snowflake,” which has been in high demand, and possibly a follow-up that shows what happens to the main character, Lacey, after she ditches Instagram and Laceyland.

We would be so grateful for your support and voting is super easy. Just enter your email address and click “VOTE” here.

Thank you for encouraging young, promising, and driven filmmakers who are making movies that will change the world. As my good friend Eric Martino told me once, “To the top!” That, to me, means follow your dreams and don’t give an F what anyone else says. Thank you for considering. Lily Hansen


Lily Clayton Hansen

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