Please consider voting for “Snowflake” to win Best Drama Last night was one of the best nights I have had all year. (A tough year to be very truthful! However, hanging in there because of positive thinking and a wonderful circle around me. Nothing beats great friends!) It was an... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Las Vegas Conversations — Michael Yo, Comedian Kind, chatty, and unusually down to earth Michael Yo is the type of guy who is down to do an interview in the kitchen of a comedy club. Even with refrigerators humming loudly in the background, it’s easy to discern... Continue Reading Cyber Monday Bio and Profile Sale Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent it doing whatever makes you happy. What brings me joy is being able to offer my writing services at a reasonable discount. Even though I have written almost 2,000 bios and... Continue Reading Have Your Bio or Profile Written by Professional Writer & Interviewer Lily Clayton Hansen Hi! My name is Lily Hansen and I am a four-time author, biographer, and arts and entertainment journalist. I'm excited to meet you and thankful that you took the time to stop by my website. Word of Mouth Conversations is... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Chicago Conversations—Brandis Friedman, Host of "Black Voices" Whoever would have ever thought that a Mississippi-bred native could change the public perception of Chicago? Brandis Friedman is such a skilled reporter that she refuses to answer any questions that she hasn’t thought about. She is cognizant that what goes... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Chicago Conversations— Marquis Simmons, Director In terms of stature, 6'3" Emmy-award-winning director and former football player Marquis Simmons might be intimidating. However, once you get past his burly figure and the fact that Simmons has won an insane amount of film festival awards (150+) the... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Phil Jellen, Fishing Guide Phil Jellen believes we only have one life to live and it should be spent pursuing what we love. For him, that is catching trout and teaching others how to do it. Whenever Jellen isn’t fishing he is thinking about... Continue Reading Word of Mouth: Asheville Conversations—Andie Morgenlander, Ethical Filmmaker Andie Morgenlander is the co-founder of  Justice Film Collective, a production company that makes movies in an ethical manner and gives voice to those who have been systematically oppressed. After going through her own coming out process, and hearing firsthand... Continue Reading

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