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Hey guys,
If you haven’t heard, I recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina, and have been loving it here so far! What’s not to like really? The mountains, laidback people, inventive culinary scene, thriving arts community where the painters actually make a good living, and healthy lifestyle were all attractions for me personally, as were the fact that my parents live here. I’ve had a great time networking so far, interviewing some really amazing people, and getting to know the city—on foot and in my new car! (For those who don’t know me I have been a lifelong non-driver so this is a big step for me.) As for my first Asheville profile, I am proud to introduce my new friend, portrait and fine art photographer Leea Gorell. Leea and I connected over Instagram prior to my move here and I was immediately attracted to the intimate nature of her portraiture. She is an incredibly honest person and has a knack for capturing people as they are—as well as the people they want to become. Below is the bio that I wrote for her new website where you can check out some of her beautiful work. She has photographed Asheville’s finest as well as artists, business people, and executives around the world. P.S. If you have any recommendations in regards to other folks I should write about here please shoot me a note!

Lily Clayton Hansen

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