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“Learning how to interview was harder than becoming a skilled writer. {Grammy-nominated music journalist and author} Bill DeMain, is a mentor and dear friend of mine. I’ve always really looked up to him because someone like Billy Joel would say, post interview, “Hey man, wanna go out to dinner?” I want to be the writer whose subjects like to be around.”

“The secret to a good interview is to ask the unconventional questions, come in with your talking points and then let go. After all, you get the good stuff when the subject lets their guard down.”

“My love for writing stems from a great passion for storytelling. Not to get all ‘kids these days’ but most things in our culture are immediate and succinct. While I utilize Twitter and Facebook, I don’t want to see a younger generation become disinterested in long-form journalism because it doesn’t fit into a 90-second Youtube clip. If I can contribute to and keep that art form alive then I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth.”

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