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After my first session with Ben Dulaney I just felt lighter. Like ten pounds of dead weight that I didn’t know existed had been lifted. My heart and soul felt as though they had been healed after being in his presence. However mystical this man might be, his feet still touch reality. He understands the struggle and more importantly, how to get the poison out.

Like most of us, Ben didn’t know what he was searching for until it hit him on the noggin. His desire to change detrimental behavioral patterns led him to teacher and speaker Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation program, grounded in exploring the “inner matrix.” That was the moment he became aware of self-mastery. He was capable of creating his own reality, and not being as reactive to what Buddhists call our “monkey mind.” Through his own self-work he has been able to help people like myself regain sanity.

Through energy work, teaching and book clubs, Ben is building a Conscious Transformation community in Middle Tennessee. As he explains below, his goal is to guide others on their own unique path.

Can you tell me in a few sentences how one becomes certified as a Conscious Transformation practitioner?

I was required to gift at least 100 energy sessions, meditate daily, practice internal energy development exercises, and attend numerous  workshops. I am currently going through the teacher training program so I can instruct others privately and in group settings.

How would you describe energy work to someone at a cocktail party? 

A Conscious Transformation Energy Session takes about an hour, and is a relaxing and peaceful experience. The no-touch process is designed to integrate the higher self with the mind, body, and emotions. Inevitably, the goal is to create a greater sense of well being within that person. Post session, the client may experience anything from states of peace, love, and joy to feeling revitalized. It’s a profound place to be.

How are your Conscious Transformation coaching sessions different?

They are much more interactive. I teach different techniques, answer questions, and lead the client through a guided meditation. All of this is done to rewire their neurology so they may have a more enjoyable experience of life.

Please define the terms= “higher self.” It sounds amazing!

Our higher self is simply us in a state of perfection. We can connect with this person through meditation, yoga, kung fu, breathing techniques, and Conscious Transformation practices. All of these make us feel more connected, inspired, creative, and intuitive. If done regularly, we have greater access to higher level reasoning and love-based emotions.

Sign me up!

Learn more about Conscious Transformation here. 

Photos by Anna Haas

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