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Hi guys! Beginning on Tuesday of this week, my second coffee table book Word of Mouth: More Conversations, the first to be released on my own publishing house, became available via my website. (I have chosen to not sell it on Amazon, at the moment, since this is a locally made product that I want to sell through my own platform initially.) It was a great honor to celebrate that morning by appearing on Talk of the Town for the second time around. One of the hosts, Tuwanda Coleman, who I would consider a mentor, is a subject in my book. She is someone I admire greatly not only for her excellent interview skills but also her genuine passion for people. As much as appearing on-camera can be nerve wracking (I get butterflies every time!) I loved talking to host Meryll Rose about listening, getting outside of your bubble and talking to those who are different from you, and why I love seeking out stimulating conversations.

Lily Clayton Hansen

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