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“Life is a self-fulfilling prophesy. We have no other choice than to follow our dreams.”

Van Tucker’s words are courage and encouragement. Life is most fulfilling when Tucker collaborates with others creatives.

As of late, the consulting strategist and Avenue Bank co-founder dedicates her days to the Nashville Fashion Alliance. The all-consuming endeavor lends infrastructure to an industry formerly on its own little island. While on the surface, Tucker’s skill set pertains to data, strategy and spreadsheets her soul craves creativity. She is a natural giver who provides the framework necessary to fulfilling other people’s dreams. Whether it is rewriting a marketing plan or building an empire, Tucker’s gift is to hover above and look at the entire picture. Rather than accept the world at face value, she manipulates a new fate.

“I’ve always been an outsider and very entrepreneurial— even when I was working for others I was constantly creating new products and divisions. Fortunately my mentors recognized that I was different from the other kids. They understood my weaknesses and capitalized on my strengths. I was “unlike any banker they had ever met,” which my co-workers didn’t mean as a compliment and my customers did. It’s the reason I am most comfortable working alongside courageous, creatives who boldly act out on their passions.”

Photo by Andrea Behrends

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