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Hi there and happy new year!

I know 2020 was an unbelievably difficult year for most people and I empathize greatly with anyone who struggled. On a more positive note, I released my first e-book Word of Mouth: London Conversations, last week. The book, which took me three years to publish, is my favorite project thus far. I love London, the British, and all that the United Kingdom has to offer. I interviewed some amazing, brilliant, and inspirational people for this book who made my stay in London an absolute joy. (Some “names” include The Crown historian and famed biographer Robert Lacey, former Turner Broadcasting President and fashion publicist Nan Richards, and financier and art collector Julian Treger.)

I am so grateful to my stepdad, editor Michael Lipkin, for consulting on and copyediting this e-book, my best friend Marissa for designing it, and my friend Stefan Jakubowski for allowing me to publish his beautiful portrait of London on the cover, and most importantly, to my wonderful subjects for participating and teaching me about the British culture. May this book encourage tolerance, empathy, kindness, and the breaking down of boundaries between different cultures. Read it for free here.

Lily Clayton Hansen

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