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I believe everyone should have access to beauty no matter your background, budget or education.
I am so honored to be linked to an inspiring endeavor called the Nashville Quilt project, part of the Off the Wall mural on Charlotte Pike, which, if you live in Music City, I’m sure you have seen while cruising around town. (I actually interviewed the cofounder, artist and curator, Tinsley Dempsey on my blog several moons ago here.)
Its intention is to:
  • Highlight local arts programming after national budget cuts in this sector
  • Celebrate four non-profits with excellent arts programs: the Oasis Center, Poverty and the Arts, Room In the Inn, and Parks Center
  • Create a 50-ft mural on Charlotte Avenue to showcase art, which engages neighbors and stakeholders from design to execution
I will be interviewing all participating artists on Word of Mouth Conversations and right now, we are trying to raise the last $1,000 to get the project going. Any help, even if its crossing your fingers or saying a prayer, is appreciated!
Sending love and gratitude, Lily

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Lily Clayton Hansen

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