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Happy Sunday and I hope you are doing as well as possible during this difficult time. (And if you’re struggling, that is okay too. We have all been there.) What has gotten me through the last several months is my conversations, which I converted from face-to-face interviews, to a Zoom-based format back in April. (You can view my Zoom interviews here.) This past month, Style Blueprint wrote up a lovely feature about my passion for interviews for their FACES column, which I’ve read since I moved to Nashville. It was an honor to be featured alongside such amazing women and photographed by talented artist Leila Grossman. As I told editor Jenna Bratcher, my conversations during Covid-19 have been more about quality versus quantity. Whether it was talking to an interview subject over Zoom or a friend on a park bench, everyone I’ve chatted with has been more present, self-reflective, and appreciative of human contact than ever before. My hope is that in talking about how therapeutic conversations are for me it will encourage readers to open up to their friends, family, and strangers more often. We need each other more than ever. Love, Lily

P.S. A huge shout out to the team at HCA Healthcare, who I interviewed for their 50th anniversary book and mention in this interview, for putting their lives on the line and keeping us safe from harm. You are my forever heroes.

What are the biggest benefits of striking up a conversation with a stranger?

“I have learned we’re all one. We all go through the same emotions even if our experiences are different. The common denominator between all of the people I’ve interviewed is that we are human.”

Here is a link to the full article written by the terrific Jenna Bratcher

Lily Clayton Hansen

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