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Brokenness may be woven into Ruthie Lindsey’s story but she now sees beauty in every bit of life.

“I’m an open book so ask me anything that you want.” – RL

If you are a feeler, formal training can fly straight out the window. Ruthie Lindsey found her passion through misfortune (see her story here) yet, serendipity has led the stylist, decorator, designer and social media guru to her dream career. By faking it until she made it and never saying “no” to an opportunity she has built a brand that stretches the parameters of her creative imagination. It has reenergized her zest for life.

I am a self-proclaimed Internet ignoramus and fascinated by those who leverage the web to build their brand. Since 2013, Ruthie’s Instagram account has served as her resume, blog, and portfolio. Most of her commissions come from little square boxes and thousands of followers are addicted to her eye candy photo journal. She forgoes the highlights reel for heart-on-her-sleeve confessions. Ruthie frames “the hard shit in life” with simple pleasures like sunsets, dinner parties and wildflowers.

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“My Instagram account took off after I started documenting the things that felt most life giving to me. I wanted to remember all of the good stuff in the midst of chaos.” 

While growing up in South Louisiana, Ruthie never knew that she was creative. Recess was the extrovert’s favorite subject and her sixth sense flared up when it came to aesthetics. Yet, only when she was bedridden from a freak accident did she discover her imagination. Decorating her home became an outlet much like a big, warm hug. Her Nashville community cheered on her newfound hobby and encouraged her to seek after commission work. Their support led to spotlights on websites like Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge, and partnerships with Free People and coffee table magazine Kinfolk.

For Ruthie design, styling and aesthetics are about personalizing her client’s sanctuaries. She is determined to use her past struggles to connect with people in a way she wasn’t able to before. Because of her transparency and innate knack for creating, and discovering beauty, her followers can’t help coming back for more.

Words & Photos by Lily Clayton Hansen

Lily Clayton Hansen

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