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By inviting viewers into her home, influencer Landyn Hutchinson managed to monetize her life. On her popular blog and Instagram account, the eponymous Living with Landyn, Hutchinson turns the camera on herself. However, even if her posts appear to be perfect, the domestic goddess’ appeal is showing the parts most of us hide. She has no problem talking about the perils of burning dinner or becoming frustrated when someone parks too close to her car. This unabashed honesty is what makes the mundane moments interesting and separates her from the rest of the social media-lites. Down-to-earth and driven to share quality information, Hutchinson wants to show others what happens behind closed doors. While she may not know how it all came together, she sure is happy that it did. 

 Were you always the girl your friends went to for guidance?

LH: Yes, and I was always wise beyond my years. My mom was like Martha Stewart and I spent most of my high school years absorbing her wisdom and helping out around the house. I was always very maternal—that friend who held your hair when you drank too much and made sure that you got home. I wanted to get married from a young age, be a mother, and very domesticated. That whole 50’s wife mentality was instilled in me from a young age, which is why I’m passionate about keeping a nice home, making meals, and nurturing my family.

Oftentimes women can feel that by prioritizing their home life it takes away from their career. 

LH: I agree. I met my husband in eighth grade and we’ve been together since our teens. I loved him immediately and knew that I wanted to marry him. I’m very much about putting him first, which my children know, because I believe that it creates a strong foundation for a family. I feel zero shame about putting that mentality out there.

What did the first conversation around Living Like Landyn look like?

LH: In a past life, I was a nurse who worked up until my husband and I had our children. When we moved to Seattle for his NFL career, I became “Steve’s wife.” I kind of lost myself to be honest with you. Around that time, I went to see a therapist so I could learn to build this new chapter in my life. I could have sat at home sad and alone because of how often he was away for work but I love people too much. I wanted to create a community, which is when I started inviting my neighbors over for dinner or equally, knocking on their front doors. Fairly soon after, they began complimenting my skills. During that time, my girlfriends also called constantly and asked, “How do you keep yourself in shape, put dinner on the table, and have a great relationship with your husband?” I was giving out a lot of information and had no idea how to share it! I didn’t even know what a blog was!

What was the first platform on which you shared about your life?

LH: Facebook. I thought, my gosh even my grandmother is on here. Maybe I should get with the program. (Laughs) I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about today or tomorrow but I knew that I wanted to share.

I find it really interesting that you are so comfortable being in the public eye. 

LH: Well, when my husband was in the NFL, I was happy to stand on the sidelines and keep my mouth shut. However, I had more to say. At my first NFL wives luncheon, I spoke up in a room full of people about something that I was passionate about, which was how blessed I felt to be there. Over the years, I found that many women who marry professional athletes seem to oftentimes reflect on the negative. I, however, countered that by asking, “What do we have to complain about? We are living the dream! Plus, it’s up to us to create our own happiness.” From that moment on, I was no longer afraid to use my voice in a positive way.

How did you develop such a strong following in a finite amount of time?

LH: I didn’t need money or anyone’s approval. I had a great husband, wonderful children, and solid crew around me. Yet, I am a giver and that girl who loves talking to strangers at the supermarket. Social media felt like a natural fit. I wanted to be a resource for women who needed direction. I think it’s why my Instagram Stories really put me on the map. My followers like being able to engage with me and see behind-the-scenes.

Why do you think people want to peek into other’s lives a la The Truman Show?

LH: There is something appealing about witnessing real life BS and listening to stuff others think in their heads.

At what point did you think, I can turn my life into a business?

LH: I consider this more so a platform through which I can empower other women—rather than a business. Everything happened so quickly, yet organically, when brands that I already used began reaching out to me about collaborations. That’s when I decided to fill my blog with resources for women to use on a daily basis. Now that I’ve built a following and opportunities are coming my way, finding a balance between home and business will be my biggest challenge.

What does your husband, who is notoriously private, think of your platform?

LH: He high-fives me nightly. (Laughs) While he personally loves flying under the radar, he also is fascinated by the world that I’ve created and has encouraged me from day one. Equally, I’m just so excited about everything that has happened. I just think it’s so incredibly cool that people actually care about my content.

What would be your advice for others who are looking to do something similar?

LH: Find your voice. Be you because people see right through bullshit. And don’t veer off of that path.

What is number-one philosophy in life?

LH: Stay humble, remember where you came from, and always try to elevate others. Good attracts good.

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