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Pop, Soul, and R&B artist Madison Ryann is a heady songstress whose music is full of heart. The give-it-to-her-straight kind of girl encourages and inspires— keeping it real all the while.

Before she could form sentences, Madison hummed, bee-bopped and swayed to the music. However, after hearing gospel, her journey truly began. Singing hymns is how she realized the power of her voice. From this day forward, the craft would strike her from a soul level.

Growing up in the one-stoplight town of Cache and later on, Lawton, Oklahoma, shaped the woman she is today. Being exposed to a variety of cultures embedded an appreciation for diversity, and ability to tap into complex emotions through her songwriting.

Early on, Madison’s identity was synonymous with tomboy. She spent her days playing sports and riding bikes with the boys. As an all-American athlete, she credits her strict regiment of training, practice and goal setting as responsible for her creative discipline. Madison flourishes in competitive settings. She attributes communication, patience, and appreciation as the foundation to her success.

While basketball, volleyball and golf were her primary focus singing was never on the sidelines. As a 13-year-old waitress at her dad’s blues & BBQ restaurant, Madison was exposed to musical icons like Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Ray Charles, and Etta James. These artists shaped her heart’s desire to compose and sing music that scratches beneath the surface.

As Madison matured from child to adulthood, writing became her primary creative outlet. The budding wordsmith journals routinely to clear her mind.  Now, her musings are being turned into songs that showcase the depth of her creative talent and emotion in her delivery. Soon she will have the opportunity to share a bit of her soul with the world.

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