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“In order to accomplish something new, you have to do something you’ve never done before.”

Esan Swan, Storyteller & Neat Nashville founder

Last fall I hosted a conversation for Creative Mornings Nashville with three, secret subjects of my choice. At The Skillery co-working center, my lovely guests and I chatted about how we can experience magic, on the daily, in our lives and careers.

Conversations are my favorite sources of magic. Simply by talking to others, and trying to keep an open mind, I always find the exact wisdom that I need within their stories. Like in the discussion below, something simple someone says never fails to remind me of how I got to where I am. Those anecdotes help me better understand even the bumpiest moments in my own course. 

After I was assigned the topic “magic,”I immediately began flipping through my rolodex. All the while, I was trying to remember which of my friends, former interviewees, and colleagues had spoken about the force of serendipity. I kept turning over my personal definition of magic in my mind: to follow your heart and trust whichever path chooses to open up. As always, I found myself guided towards individuals, artist Nathan Brownstoryteller Esan Swan, and Vanderbilt University Professor and Curb Center Assistant Director Elizabeth Meadows, who shared a similar ethos—to find meaning in life one must be open to adventure as well as failure. Sometimes the most magical moments come from walking into the unknown and trusting that the world has your back.

Thank you Creative Mornings for allowing me to host your event! Stay updated on this wonderful program here. 


Lily Clayton Hansen

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