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An excerpt from my full-length interview with talk show host, writer and producer Tuwanda Coleman of Talk of the Town. Read our full conversation when my second book, Word of Mouth: MORE Conversations hits shelves in July. 

What was your most memorable on-air moment?

TC: (Laughs) My claim to fame is being the newscaster who got hypnotized on television. I didn’t believe it would actually work until this New York gentleman, Michael Blaine who was pretty well-known in his industry at the time, put me under for 45 minutes and had me doing the craziest things. Out of nowhere I was speaking in Korean, riding a roller coaster, in a drunken stupor and calling my boss up and quitting. (Laughs even harder) That was kind of a nightmare to explain. Anyways, when I came out, I remembered everything and felt totally refreshed. Apparently I was part of the 1% that goes under right away. It’s usually those who are extremely focused and follow direction well. Which is indicative of my dedication to television—if I connect with what I’m doing, I give it 100%.”

Portrait by my partner-in-crime Ron Manville

Watch my 2015 interview on Talk of the Town here. 

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