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Although I adore the cobb salad at Merchant’s and manhattan at Patterson House, I pledged allegiance to Benjamin & Max Goldberg’s adult playground, Pinewood Social since its opening last fall. Here is a poem I wrote about my favorite place in town where I have been fortunate enough to interview the genius siblings twice.


Place of the people and the epicenter of our hood

Where brainstorming is obligatory

And business ideas reach glory

A beautiful space serves as the baseline

To merge great ideas, plans and minds

It is my home away from home

Where I never feel alone

Inspiration comes from a random interaction or look

The library table is where I have penned most of my book.

It’s given our neighborhood a clubhouse to call our own

The streets the Ryman Loft residents no longer have to roam

Cheers to the Goldberg Brothers for offering us a spot

To connect our community through coffee, cocktails and dots.

Photography by Andrea Behrends

Photo is an excerpt from the upcoming book Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations by Lily Clayton Hansen

Lily Clayton Hansen

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