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Ask everyone, listen to no one.

I am a stubborn son of a gun at times. For years, I’ve been advised to start a blog and refused. I grunted, rolled my eyes and screamed, “Don’t you know I’m a writer, not a blogger!!!”

What a hoot-and-a-half I am sometimes.

Old School

However, I’m admitting you were right. I get a kick out of watching random reposts, and love that someone can quickly scroll through my ramblings while waiting in line for their latte. If my goal this entire time has been to get my work out to the masses something has finally clicked in my skull.

As my friend said (not) so gently one day, “Wake up kid. You’re living in the {bleeping} renaissance era.”


But if I’m truly honest, the 21st century freaks me out. I still shoot film on a 35MM camera, don’t own an iPhone and long for the days when a human being checked you out at the grocery store. I am an old-fashioned, antiquated soul just trying-to-get-with-the-times in a virtual world. However, I’ve realized that merging the past and present is possible just as my upcoming book is an aesthetic combination of digital, film and Polaroid photography.

Hell, maybe I’ll even get crazy and create my own Youtube channel next.

Lily Clayton Hansen

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