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Erin Herb is her own model.

As she should be.

She admittedly creates for herself. Her pieces are meant to feel alive and interact with its wearer.


“When I start to design, it seems like my conscience drives my decisions. There is a set of invisible directives – some are learned and others innate.” – Erin Herb 

She always recognized her entrepreneurial abilities. At age five she resigned herself to an architectural career. In the sixth grade she began fabricating jewelry with ceramic tiles, pasta, paper, nail polish and origami materials. Much like myself, if you wanted something of value you configured a way to create it.

After working for several reputable interior design firms on the East and West coast she transitioned her skill set to RINjuel. It is a high-end jewelry line focused on contemporary and architectural styles. Created in her East Nashville home studio, it showcases her love for art and Native American heritage. She creates pieces rarely seen in the traditional marketplace.

Erin is part Choctaw and deeply intrigued by the culture. Jewelry design is genetic and she routinely enters cultural competitions alongside her grandfather and father. While the men are geared towards wild, raw materials Erin is more controlled in her approach. Yet, there are evidently influences of color, light and shape alongside her affinity for materials. Her love for Pop Art, color, geometric shapes and structure always come into play. She is sensitive to detail whether it’s the shadows on a wall or the way her necklaces fall across a clavicle.

In her workshop are drawers of beads, gemstones, and various materials that she intuitively selects. While Erin often says that nothing is by chance, she is a woman who knows what she wants. It is for the customer who desires to make a statement and have the world hear her roar. As someone who will walk to the ends of the earth to have her opinions heard you can imagine that I am one of her biggest fans.



Erin is faithful to herself and the vision she wants to execute. She is a “go-for-it” type of gal and someone who is always paying it forward. She creates for the strong, minimalist woman much like the protagonists  in her favorite Ayn Rand novels. They are her muses and she (not so) secretly designs for them.

Just as my favorite author JD Salinger once said, everyone will catch up to her one day.


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