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As a writer my job largely entails engaging other people. While I love listening to stories more than anything in the world, I’ve decided it’s time to reveal a little about myself. Let’s think of me as another character within the tales that I create. Welcome to my coming out from behind the curtain party.

After being prompted by various friends, I am launching a blog for the first time in two years.  It is about the life of a writer who sits around and talks to interesting people all day. Perhaps an anecdote sprinkled here and there about the behind-the-scenes rather than the conversations themselves. There will be little snip-its from my upcoming book and lastly, I want to talk about my own crazy life. As a dear friend pointed out recently, “Lily knows everything about everyone but no one knows anything about her.”

So there you have it! Hello, nice to meet you. I am Lily Clayton Hansen, 27 years of age and in the midst of establishing my writing career. I make 10,000 mistakes a day, fall on my face quite frequently, and manage to scrape myself up based upon insanity, passion and resilience. (Three attributes I’ve found most entrepreneurial types possess.)

Please follow my journey as I figure out how to make a living being a wordsmith, publish my book Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, learn how to be an adult, play with my pals at the Ryman Artist Lofts, date (eek!,) dream (yay!,) dance (shake it!) and navigate the murky worlds of trying to make a living doing what I love.

Inevitably, we are all characters acting in our own screenplays. So let’s stumble, learn, crash ‘n burn and create magic together. It’s time for both of us to shine.

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Lily Clayton Hansen

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