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Selling books in the bars has been a blast however, I was jazzed to bring Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations to another kind of brick-and-mortar on August 18. There was no better bookstore to debut our collection of conversations and black & white portraits than the independent Parnassus, owned by best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes. Danielle Atkins, Joshua Black Wilkins, Andrea Behrends, and Brett Warren and I loved chatting about our creative paths, process and how we came together on this unique project. Thanks for your kindness, respect & thoughtful questions. We truly felt like a power team.


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The Word of Mouth family from left to right: Danielle Atkins, Joshua Black Wilkins, Lily Clayton Hansen, Andrea Behrends and Brett Warren


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This cuddly cutie definitely stole the show


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The delightful Niki Coffman gave us a warm introduction


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Autographed copies of eagerly awaiting their new homes


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Author Lily Clayton Hansen


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Portrait photographer Joshua Black Wilkins


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Portrait and lifestyle photographer Andrea Behrends


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Portrait and fashion photographer Brett Warren


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Portrait and food photographer Danielle Atkins


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A crowd composed of Parnassus fanatics, friends, & newcomers


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Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations subject Lisa Donovan there in spirit.


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Fashion blogger Audrey Rhodes reading about Nashville’s creative class


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We are honored to be included in the local author section at Parnassus Books


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The Majestic Photobooth Company makes every event simply magical!


All photos by Anna Haas of Red Hare Foto

Learn more about Parnassus Books here. 

The Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations team will see you at the Southern Festival of Books in October!


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