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I’ve always had a love for London and had the good fortune to spend several months there in 2017 exploring all that this wonderful city has to offer. During my time there, I met, interviewed, and photographed several incredible individuals by whom I was inspired. 

Upon leaving London, I became engrossed in other projects including a custom book for HCA and my second book, Word Of Mouth: More Conversations. But, I knew that I had to get my London interviews with shining stars like The Crown historian and best-selling author Robert Lacey, illustrator Ella Paton, and toy designer Luc Hudson, some of my favorite conversations to date, published. Quite honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and sought out an outlet that would take good care of and share them with the world.

After I was approached by AIGA, the international design collective, and their beautiful blog Design Observer we decided to collaborate and publish the London Conversations (along with excerpts from my second Nashville book) on their site weekly. I am so thankful to Design Observer and my newfound UK friends for taking the time to sit down and share their insights with me.

See below to read excerpts and find the full articles on Design Observer!

How Advisor to The Crown Robert Lacey Gets Closer to the Truth

How did you learn to take criticism as a compliment?

I felt that I had obviously been doing something right if I pressed their buttons. A committee of scholars had spent all of this time analyzing my book, which was quite amazing. Every setback has a purpose and you can learn from everything, can’t you? Read the full interview HERE.

“Let’s Do Business our Way”: How Director Rob Petit Forges his own Path

What was the biggest lesson you learned?

Without risks, you end up making stuff that’s grey and disappears. Nothing is more disheartening than just contributing to the digital noise. Read the full interview HERE.

Toy Designer Luc Hudson Explains Why Openness Fuels Innovation

What is one common mistake you see other artists or small business owners make?

Most people fear to ask questions because they don’t want to seem dumb. It goes back to being scared of what people will think. As a gun for hire, I had to get tougher skin and be ready to receive negative feedback. The goal is to build a bigger, better idea. Read the full interview HERE.

Broadcaster Kat Arney Translates Science for Creative Learners

Can you describe the ideal group you would want to communicate with?

I am interested in those who don’t have a science background but are curious about the world around them. In one day, I gave the exact same talk to a group of 12-year olds and then one at Mensa. Both audiences understood and appreciated the information I unpacked and unfolded for them. Read the Full Interview HERE.

Illustrator Ella Paton Thinks We Should Ditch Expectations and Show Our Mistakes

What about your upbringing made you feel confident about being creative?

Both of my parents have a great respect for art. Also my mom, a historian by trade, taught me to really see the world. The way that she explained architecture or the pages of a book always brought it to life.Through her and my dad I learned a strong visual understanding. Read the full interview HERE.

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